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Cunomon and Lexxy's Realm of Digimon

Short Description: A very very very cool site about Digimon. I really like their pictures!!

Short Description: A nice site all about my favorite Digimon and a few others, sad that the owner's not updating it anymore...

Short Description: Great Site about Matt & Mimi, I think they fit together.


Short Description: Yet another Mimi and Matt site. Gosh I really kind of like these sites. I like the decoration of this site!!

Sakura Petals

Short Description: Yeah a site just about Lilymon! I visit there often and I really suggest you should go there, if you're a Lilymon fan.

The Digigirls

Short Description: A very nice site about the girls in Digimon. I like Kari a lot myself... and Mimi, Sora? Kind of.

Short Description: A site just about the angel Digimons. I think this site's pretty good. Lot of information on the angel Digimons.

Short Description: A good Kari site with lots of info on Kari. I like that banner!

Short Description: Great site with quite a lot of pictures and when I say quite a lot I mean it.

Short Description: A site about the girls in Digimon, this is cool!

D Club 8

Short Description: Nice site with lots of info on the characters. Oh I forgot there's also a twist to that site as well! ^-^

Short Description: A site just about Kari! Oh yeah. I am going to have plenty of fan arts of Kari in the future you just wait and see.

Short Description: Another site full of screen shots and when I mean full you've got to believe it.^_^

Two Dolls- A Tai and Mimi Page

Short Description: A good Tai and Mimi site, I was thinking if I'd make a Tai & Mimi site too when I was creating this site then thought better of it as a regular site.

What Rebecca!? You thought about that! Don't ever do that to me, I like Sora and Tai better >_~.

All That Is Ishida

Short Description: A Matt site, say Min Hao, aren't you having a crush on Matt?

Whaaaaat?! I never told you that! 

boy genius!

Short Description: A Digimonkaizer site. Got some nice pictures and stuff.

Payback Reb, you like ... well hey! Why are you looking so bad?

We just linked a goodie goodie in school. I am sooooo bad at maths.

You call 100% right bad?

The Digimon Experience

Short Description: Quite a large site with LOTS of screen shots, and other stuff of course. Make sure to check this site out.

Short Description: A cool Mimi site, I really like this site and this is where I got my Mimi Clock mind you.


Short Description: A site with a lot of informations and stuff to do.

Short Description: Lots of information and stuff in here, you might be interested in those.

Digital Illusions

Short Description: A nice site with REAL nice lay out and stuff, some interesting things to do there too.


Short Description: Come and see this site, I like those fan arts in it so should you, and they have some information too.




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