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A Little Shrine To Lilymon

Hi and welcome to my shrine to my favourite Digimon: Lilymon. Here you could find a collection of Lilymon pictures and my fan art for Lilymon and information on Lilymon. Enjoy!! P. S: You can use my fan art anyway you like just don't forget to mention that I drew it and I'd like a link thank you.

Fan Art:

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Infos on Lilymon!:

Name: Lilymon or Lilimon

Partner: Mimi

First Appearance: Flower Power

Reason to like Lilymon:

Very very cute. Most human like Digimon besides Angemon and Angewomon. Flower type. Wears pink dress!

Digimon Level: Ultimate

Digimon Group: Vegetation

Digimon Type: Data

Data Size(G): 16.0

Attack: Flower Cannon

Special Ability: Flying

Description: Lilymon may look too cute to be tough, but beware. When it's shot out of a cannon, even a flower packs some punch. Lillymon is just likely to fly away from trouble as fight,