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 Welcome to my shrine to Kari, she's my favourite character in Digimon and Min Hao likes her too. You could find my fan arts of her and also her pictures and information.

Fan Art:

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Personal Secret Profile:( from the official character guide.)

Kari is Tai's one and only little sister, and, boy, was he happy to find her again when he got back to Earth through a crack in the Digiworld. She's pretty smart, for a kid. For a while, though, she was definitely on the Evil Digimon's Most Wanted list. Everyone from the king of creeps Devimon to the bumbling Gotsumon wanted to capture her. Luckily she had her Digimon Gatomon on her side.


Kari's Digimon:

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P. S: Some of the pictures here are put together by me too!